About LSA

Liberal South Africa is a non-partisan association of liberal scholars and activists. It serves as a hub for like-minded individuals to congregate around the ideas that underlie a free society, a repository for information and knowledge that is relevant to South African liberalism, and a platform for liberal advocacy.

Liberalism has come under constant criticism in recent years with few willing or able to defend, and then advance, its cause and tradition. Liberal South Africa hopes to fill that void and be the voice that these ideas have lacked for decades.

This website hosts the Encyclopedia of South African Liberalism, which documents the liberal individuals, historical periods involving liberals, liberal political parties, and liberal civil society throughout South Africa’s history and present. The origin and basis of the Encylopedia is the September 2019 peer-reviewed article by Martin van Staden for the Fraser Institute’s Econ Journal Watch, titled “The Liberal Tradition in South Africa, 1910-2019”.


Mpiyakhe Dhlamini – Fellow

Jacques Jonker – Fellow

Martin van Staden – Curator

Jonathan Wright – Fellow